The 2020 Carl Moyer Air Quality Standards Program

by SoCalGas

SoCalGas is happy to announce the support of SCAQMD’s Carl Moyer program and encourages the help of cities, counties and partnerships implementers to support the program which provides competitive grants for the incremental cost of cleaner-than-required engines, vehicles, and equipment. The Carl Moyer Program is a tool to help California reduce emissions from the transportation sector and reach its climate goals. According to the SCAQMD, the program has provided $468 million in incentive funding since 1998, which has resulted in reduction of approximately 8,601 tons per year of NOx and over 249 tons per year of particulate matter emissions throughout its territory. Through the Carl Moyer program1, eligibility to replace a 2007 to 2010 diesel-powered truck with a new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) truck is as much as up to $100,000 per truck. Programs like this can provide the ability to get a new natural gas truck for example for less than the cost of a new diesel truck and save money with the lower CNG fuel cost that has historically been less than diesel.2

The program grant is competitive, which means funds are distributed on a rolling basis until all money is awarded. Approximately $34 million in funding is available for eligible projects within the SCAQMD’s jurisdiction, which includes Orange County and the major portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Click HERE to read more about the program. The online application can be accessed HERE and has a deadline of August 4, 2020.