Membership Network

Our national network is made up of policymakers, multidisciplinary practitioners and emerging leaders who pursue innovative smart-growth strategies, seek new partners and tools to improve their communities, strengthen local economies, and enrich the lives of all residents.

With the help of our network of visionary local elected officials and community leaders, we work to transform communities by inspiring each other and sharing promising strategies to create healthy, livable communities. As an LGC member, you will have access to the Local Government Commission’s technical assistance and practical tools for implementing on-the-ground successes in your community.

Membership Benefits

  • Become part of a network of forward-thinking and visionary community leaders and experts.
  • Receive regular news and updates on issues you care about from an organization you trust.
  • Access information about timely funding opportunities.
  • Receive discounted registration for premier LGC national, statewide and regional events.

Membership Levels and Annual Dues


Cities, counties, and special districts. Entitles up to 10 elected officials and key staff to membership benefits.


Local Elected Officials (Individual)


Government staff, community leaders, and all other non-electeds


Former local elected officials

Through LGC’s nationally recognized events I’ve been able to connect with a vast network of leaders committed to building livable communities, these partnerships have been a critical channel to share best practices, learn from other communities and strengthen my vision Santa Monica.

– Pam O’Connor, Councilmember, Santa Monica