Who We Are

The LGC Vision

LGC works to build livable communities and local leadership by connecting leaders via innovative programs and network opportunities, advancing policies through participation at the local and state level, and implementing solutions as a technical assistance provider and advisor to local jurisdictions.

With roots in California and a national reputation, LGC offers inspiration, information, and partnership for local and regional champions dedicated to building thriving communities that integrate civic engagement with environmental, social and economic priorities.

Our Approach

For over 35 years LGC has connected cutting-edge leaders from across the nation. Together we are advancing transformative policies and implementing innovative solutions for sustainable communities.

Connecting Leaders

LGC is a unique forum for local leaders to come together to share experience, build their network, and learn new strategies for creating livable communities. LGC offers conferences, training forums and resources that grow local knowledge for creating livable communities and build a cadre of leaders throughout the state with a local presence and national influence.

Advancing Policies

LGC works on behalf of local leaders to participate in policy conversations at the local, regional, and state level to ensure that needs are met in communities where they will have an impact. LGC maintains key partnerships with state, regional, and key Federal entities and is called upon regularly to provide livable communities expertise in the policy arena.

Implementing Solutions

LGC has an extensive track record partnering with local communities as a technical assistance provider to design projects, engage stakeholders, and help shape local policy that results in sustainable solutions. LGC programs build local capacity to engage leaders, institutions, media, and the public to build political will for advancing sustainability.

Our Values

Our work in communities is anchored by our Ahwahnee Principles, developed by leaders across the nation in 1991. Woven through these are the following core beliefs:


We believe that real change—and the responsibility for that change—happens at the local level: on streetcorners and in city council meetings; in relationships built and places created by people working together. People that live in the community are in the best position to recognize the need for and the opportunities for improvement. Our work honors those dedicated to making change on a local level.


While we specialize in a range of issues focused on place and the environment—from climate change and energy to water and community design—these issues can’t be tackled separately, and absolutely can’t be removed from their social, political, and economic context. We address challenges—and propose solutions—using an approach that honors these connections.


Just like the complex issues we face, the institutions involved in our work can’t be compartmentalized. We’re dedicated to working with a diverse set of partners on a local, state, and national level to bring innovative thinking and expertise to solving the most pressing community challenges.


Our work is done in partnership with local leaders, and we take the issue of trust seriously. Not simply in our close relationship with local policymakers and their staff, but among our own staff, with our funders, and with the broader field of which we are a part. We are transparent, communicative, and sincere and our success locally is built on the trust that results.