The Local Government Commission offers a variety of services to assist local elected officials, their staff, and other dedicated community leaders in creating healthy, walkable, and resource-efficient communities. We provide workshops, trainings, forums, presentations, design charrettes, community image surveys, and policy development assistance.

As a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, we strive to offer cost effective services covering a variety of subject areas such as climate change, water, energy, and healthy community design. The LGC also works to link the public and local government officials. The LGC can work with you to customize the types of services that best meet your community’s needs.

Current Project Highlights

Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA)

ARCCA is a network of leading regional collaboratives from across California working together to advance adaptation statewide and increase local capacity to build community resilience.

Program Area: Climate Change

California Adaptation Forum (CAF)

The California Adaptation Forum (CAF) is a biennial conference hosted by LGC in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, to foster knowledge exchange, innovation, and mutual support to accelerate climate adaptation efforts and create equitable and resilient communities throughout the state.

Program Area: Climate Change

California Climate & Energy Collaborative (CCEC)

The California Climate & Energy Collaborative (CCEC) is an alliance dedicated to supporting California local governments to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and accelerate climate action by building knowledge and networks amongst local government practitioners.

Program Area: Energy

Capital Region Climate Readiness Collaborative

The Capital Region Climate Readiness Collaborative is comprised of local leaders seeking to build climate resilience for California’s Capital Region.

Program Area: Climate Change


CivicSpark™ is a Governor’s Initiative AmeriCorps program dedicated to building capacity for local public agencies to address community resilience issues such as climate change, water resource management, housing, and mobility.

Program Area: National Service

Clean Power Alliance Sustainable Energy Incubator

The Sustainable Energy Incubator aims to engage Clean Power Alliance board members, staff, local member agencies, and other stakeholders to address emerging energy issues through educational workshops and direct support.

Program Area: Energy

Empower Procurement

Empower Procurement aims to help organizations reach their clean energy goals by simplifying the distributed energy resource (DER) procurement process. It identifies the barriers faced by both buyers and sellers—including challenges unique to large institutions—and provides solutions to bridge the gap between clean energy providers and those wishing to acquire and make use of top-of-the-line DER products.

Program Area: Energy

Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition (LGSEC)

LGSEC is the only organization who represents local governments’ energy and climate regulatory interests at the CPUC, CEC, CAISO, FERC, and ARB. Together, we help make sustainable energy achievable for California’s local governments by creating opportunities for our members to share their most successful strategies and programs to meet our state’s carbon reduction goals.

Program Area: Energy

Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change

With an urgent need to take action, Sacramento Mayor Steinberg and West Sacramento Mayor Cabaldon are leading the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change to develop a common vision and set of strategies for both cities to achieve Carbon Zero by 2045.

Program Area: Climate Change

New Partners for Smart Growth Conference

This annual conference brings together a diversity of participants crossing disciplinary lines to share experiences, insights, valuable implementation tools, and strategies for addressing smart growth.

Program Area: Healthy Community Design

Partners Advancing Climate Equity (PACE)

PACE is a new capacity-building program for frontline community leaders from across California to connect with peers, take their skills to the next level, and catalyze transformative change. PACE focuses on increasing the capacity of leaders in California’s communities to advance community-driven, equitable climate solutions at the pace and scale demanded by climate change and ongoing injustices.

Program Area: Climate Change

Path to Positive Communities

Communities large and small across America and the world are taking up the mantle on energy, sustainability, and climate solutions. Solutions are ever more viable and the imperatives ever more pressing. Benefits span the gamut from healthier, more livable and prosperous communities, to property values and reduced costs.

Program Area: Climate Change

Resilient SLO

Resilient SLO is designed to be a comprehensive, innovative, and inclusive planning process – one that elevates community voice in decision-making, utilizes best-available science and practices, and focuses on the real challenges that we face in the city of San Luis Obispo: climate change, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and economic uncertainty.

Program Area: Climate Change

Thriving Locally

In partnership with LGC, San Joaquin Valley local leaders are sharing successes with one another and spreading what works to new communities.

Program Area: Healthy Community Design

Westside Brownfields Coalition Assessment Project

The Westside Sacramento Integrated Regional Water Management Plan is kicking off a new “brownfields” project that will engage communities in the Cache and Putah Creek watersheds about abandoned mining sites.

Program Area: Water

Yosemite Policymakers Conference

This annual conference brings together local elected officials throughout California to discuss the latest issues and strategies for building more livable communities.

Program Area: Healthy Community Design