2022 Yosemite Policymakers Conference

2022 Yosemite Policymakers Conference

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The 30th Annual Yosemite Policymakers Conference brings together over 100 mayors, city council members, county supervisors, city managers, and other senior executives in the breathtaking beauty of Yosemite National Park.

This intimate three-day gathering is designed to support local elected officials with tools and partnership opportunities to implement innovative solutions to our most pressing community challenges.

2022 Yosemite Policymakers Conference

Recovery & Resiliency

As our state imagines a path forward from the COVID-19 pandemic, and faces increasingly extreme climate events, we find ourselves at a historic crossroads. We have a chance to choose paths – in housing, transportation, and energy – that offer opportunities for resiliency and equity amid the pressing perils that threaten our communities.

The transportation path we pursue now will determine how we move from place to place in the future. The mobility landscape is rapidly evolving, and the decisions we make now can help our communities have a shared, electric, accessible, safe, people-powered mobility future. Our ability to pivot away from the current preoccupation with personal cars will affect how much we do – or don’t – exacerbate environmental degradation and expand social inequities.

Our housing decisions will also shape our ability to reverse a trajectory that will continue to degrade natural and working lands, place people in areas of high wildfire risk, worsen traffic problems, unnecessarily increase infrastructure costs, and pollute our air and water. The pandemic only strengthened the already urgent imperative to fix our housing crisis. The right choices can make our communities more resilient, healthy, and prosperous.

The third step we must take is in how we power our lives. The energy sector is experiencing widespread disruption and evolution, as we’ve seen with the recent PG&E bankruptcy and power shut offs as well as the rapid growth of Community Choice Energy. These energy impacts disparately affect different communities. The gap between the richest and the poorest U.S. households is the largest it has been in 50 years.

As we make decisions about the places where we live and work, how we get to and from those places, and how we power our lives, we must also empower the social and environmental equity that makes our communities strong.

From our individual and collective experiences, we know that the blueprint for the clearest path to our best future lies with local governments. Local governments invent, encourage, and implement the solutions to many of our pressing challenges—from affordable housing and climate-change responses to the transitions in our energy and mobility sectors. With all of these responsibilities, and the forthcoming influx of infrastructure funding, local leaders must come together at this momentous juncture to share ideas and best practices, and advance forward-thinking solutions.

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