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Agenda — June 18, 2014

7:30 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Forum Welcome

  • Kate Meis, Executive Director, Local Government Commission (LGC)
  • Supervisor Phil Serna, County of Sacramento and CARB Board Member
  • Janice Berman, Senior Director of Energy Efficiency Strategy, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
9:10 AM Morning Plenary – Working Together to Meet New Goals: A Conversation with State PartnersThis plenary session will feature a facilitated discussion with key representatives from the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Energy Commission, and the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research. The purpose of this plenary is to provide local governments from across the state an opportunity to hear from key state agencies about the state’s energy and climate change policies and the important role localgovernments play in helping the state meet its new and ambitious climate and energy goals.Video

Moderator: Joseph Oldham, Statewide Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator, LGC

  • Commissioner Carla Peterman, California Public Utilities Commission
  • Commissioner Andrew McAllister, California Energy Commission
  • Director Ken Alex, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research
10:00 AM Q&A
10:25 AM Lightning Round: Overview of Morning Breakout Session Topics
10:35 AM Networking Coffee Break
11:05 AM Concurrent Morning Breakout Sessions
Breakout Session #1: Your Roadmap to Success: Climate and Energy Strategic Planning at the Local LevelWith new policies and opportunities emerging around every corner, local government service and program implementers can often overlook the value of climate and energy strategic planning. How can local governments keep up with the ever-shifting political environment and changes in funding while developing a long-term plan that remains purposeful? At this session, we will get participants started in the strategic planning process then provide the tools and resources to support further implementation and execution.

Moderator: Joseph Oldham, Statewide Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator, LGC

  • Liz Yager, Energy and Sustainability Program Manager, County of Sonoma

Breakout Resources

Breakout Session #2: A Clear Path to Climate Action Planning: No-Cost Tools for Local Governments

Learn about the latest trends in Climate Action Planning and the tools and resources available to support local governments throughout the process. This session will dive into the challenges that local governments and regional agencies face, and the tools and best practices for overcoming these obstacles. Participants will learn about SEEC ClearPath California and additional no-cost tools and resources available to inform and track energy and climate action plans.

Moderator: Angie Fyfe, Director of Resource Efficiency & Renewable Energy Program, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability USA

  • Geoffrey Danker, Senior Policy and Planning Advisor, Southern California Gas Company
    Presentation PDF
  • J.R. Killigrew, National Membership Coordinator & Senior Climate Program Officer, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability USA
    Presentation PDF
  • Paul Ahrns, Project Manager, Sierra Business Council
    Presentation PDF
  • Tiffany Wise-West, Senior Environmental Engineer & Project Manager, EcoShift Consulting
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Breakout Resource:

Breakout Session #3: Reaching the “Hard-to-Reach”: Engaging Underserved Communities

Working in California’s most vulnerable and underserved communities is a priority for the state and for local governments. How can we ensure that our programs are bringing real benefits to these communities when reaching them in the first place has proven challenging? This session will present on case studies of successful programs, and share lessons learned and best practices. Participants will walk away with a stronger understanding of currently available programs and resources to implement and coordinate programs to engage underserved communities.

Moderator: Dave Christensen, Senior Program Manager, Government and Community Partnerships, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

  • Supervisor Pete Vander Poel, County of Tulare
    Presentation PDF
  • Robert Castaneda, CEO & Principal, Castaneda Communications
    Presentation PDF
  • Samantha Dodero, Program Administrator, San Joaquin Valley Clean Energy Organization
    Presentation PDF

Breakout Session #4: New Strategies for Old Buildings: Working in Existing Municipal Buildings

How can local governments achieve the goals of the AB 758 Plan and where do they start? Learn how to sell your project to the decision makers – with and without using hard metrics – and how to finance it. At this session, participants will be equipped with best practices and resources to successfully implement energy efficiency projects in existing municipal buildings and how to measure the results.

Moderator: Laurel Rothschild, Assistant Director, The Energy Coalition
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  • Charles Herbertson, Director of Public Works & City Engineer, City of Culver
    Presentation PDF
  • Courtney Kalashian, Executive Director, San Joaquin Valley Clean Energy Organization
  • Howard Brewen, Superintendent, City of San Luis Obispo
    Presentation PDF
 12:20 PM Networking Lunch and Table DiscussionsTake the Forum further: Gather with colleagues for semi-structured topical conversations at hosted
discussion tables during the networking lunch. Before lunch, check out the display near the registration table
to learn more, to sign up for one of the existing table topics, or to propose your own topic.
1:20 PM Lightning Round: Overview of Afternoon Working Session Topics
1:30 PM Concurrent Afternoon Working Sessions
Working Session #1: A Race to the Bottom: Advancing Zero Net Energy
Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings have the unprecedented potential to create sustainable and healthy living, learning, and work environments in California – and they’re being created both at new and existing properties. During this hands-on session, participants will learn about market trends and California’s goals, how to carry ZNE strategic planning into action, and creative financing and planning strategies through interactive activities.Moderator: Ralph DiNola, Executive Director, New Buildings Institute
Presentation PDF

  • Cathy Fogel, Senior Analyst, California Public Utilities Commission
    Presentation PDF
  • Kevin Bates, President, SHARP Development Company
    Presentation PDF
  • Roy Haperman, Energy Manger, County of Santa Barbara
    Presentation PDF

Working Session #2: Making Your Messages Resonate: Communicating on Climate and Energy

Talking about climate change and energy can be a difficult task that results in dissonance and disagreement. How can we craft our message to resonate with our audience most effectively? This active session will guide participants through the key elements of communicating on climate and energy, and participants will learn how to improve their messaging through practice.

Moderator: Dan Barry, Communities Director, EcoAmerica

  • Catherine Hurley, Sustainability Manager, City of Evanston
    Presentation PDF
  • Stephanie Gray, Marketing Manager, West Region, Conservation Services Group

Working Session Resource:

Working Session #3: Do It, Track It, Share It: Tools for Implementation, Monitoring, and Reporting

Once you develop your local climate action plan, you’re ready to implement the policies and measures outlined in your plan – but where to start? This working session will provide participants with a walkthrough of the available tools for implementation, as well as for monitoring and reporting. Participants will learn about a suite of tools, available to local governments at no cost, as well as about different tools that have been developed and deployed by local and regional entities across California.

Moderator: Karalee Browne, Program Manager, Institute for Local Government
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  • Christine O’Rourke, Sustainability Coordinator, Marin Climate & Energy Partnership
    Presentation PDF
  • Cory Downs, Conservation Specialist, City of Chula Vista
    Presentation PDF
  • J.R. Killigrew, National Membership Coordinator & Senior Climate Program Officer, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability USA
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4:00 PM Afternoon Plenary – Rethinking Energy: Innovations to Lead Us into the Future
This plenary session will feature a facilitated discussion on innovative approaches, ideas, and initiatives that are transforming how we think about energy efficiency and climate programs and policies.Moderator: Joseph Oldham, Statewide Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator, LGC


  • Bob Raymer, Technical Director, California Building Industry Association
  • Dian Grueneich, Senior Research Scholar, Stanford University
  • Shannon Casey, Communications Director, Cleantech San Diego
5:00 PM Adjourn

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