SEEC Webinar 19 – Saving Money, Kilowatts and Gallons: Implementing Water – Energy Saving Programs at the Local Level

With California facing an extreme drought, which experts say will likely to continue into 2015 and onward, local governments are increasingly looking for ways to reduce water use in their communities. There is also a growing understanding of the inextricable link between water and energy use, both through supply and demand side uses. This has led many local governments to look toward solutions that can increase water and energy efficiency within their jurisdiction.

This webinar, on Wednesday October 29 between 1:00 – 2:00 PM, organized by the Local Government Commission, through the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative, will showcase innovative opportunities to increase water and energy efficiency within your community. Specifically, it will feature information about:

  • The recently developed EnerJust and AquaJust “Save and Trade” Systems which allow a defined group of citizens to find creative ways to conserve water and power, and automatically package those savings into measurable, tradable units called EcoShares.
  • How PACE can be used to finance water and water/energy projects.
  • The Department of Water Resources’ Water-Energy Grant Program that will provide funds to implement water efficiency programs or projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce water and energy use.

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1:00 PM Webinar Logistics and Overview

  • Jenny Woods, Local Government Commission
    Presentation (PDF)
1:05 PM EnerJust and AquaJust: A ‘Save and Trade’ System to Save Water and Energy

1:25 PM Financing Water-Energy Upgrades with PACE

  • Jonathan Kevles, Renewable Funding
  • Barbara Spoonhour, Western Riverside Council of Governments
    Presentation (PDF)
1:40 PM Department of Water Resource’s Water-Energy Grant Program

  • Laura Peters, Department of Water Resources
    Presentation (PDF)
2:00 PM Adjourn