San Luis Obispo Climate Change Adaptation Workshop: Developing Local Strategies to Adapt to Climate Change Impacts

Intro | Agenda

Over 100 people attended this daylong workshop to learn about Climate Change projections for the San Luis Obispo region and likely impacts on the natural and socioeconomic systems. Participants discussed recommended strategies (developed by local stakeholders and elected officials) to help the region prepare for these impacts. They also identified priority strategies, discussed which parts of the region were affected and identified implementation mechanisms.


View the agenda for a listing of the day’s activities and speakers. Copies of the session presentations are available on the agenda.

The Local Government Commission in partnership with the National Center for Conservation Science & Policy and Susanne Moser Research and Consulting organized this effort through a one-year grant from the Kresge Foundation. The goal was to support local government officials, staff and stakeholders in developing adaptation strategies that cohesively consider economics, health, culture, social needs, transportation, infrastructure, ecosystem services, and natural resources.

For more information about the project visit: San Luis Obispo County Climate Change Adaptation