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These Recommendations Can Help Speed Up EV Adoption in Your City

The year is 2045. California has undergone a remarkable evolution. Supported by the commitment of its residents, our state has achieved carbon neutrality, reducing the threat of climate change. The air is cleaner, the people are healthier, and the planet is finally on a path to healing.

Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development awarded 2019-20 CivicSpark Climate Fellows a ZEVe- Award!

On February 3, 2020, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) awarded Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Fellows Natalie Arreaga, Vannesa Reyes and Amanda Caswell a ZEVe- Award. GO-Biz is honoring 6 local Zero Emissions Vehicles champions throughout California for their leadership and dedication to improving the ZEV infrastructure approval process.

Cities Leading on Resilient Energy
Local governments across California are on a mission to protect their communities from the effects of climate change. One critical factor is access to reliable energy.
Los Angeles County, Loma Linda, and Malibu Selected to Receive SoCalGas Grants for Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Planning

SoCalGas announced the City of Loma Linda, the City of Malibu and Los Angeles County each have been selected to receive $50,000 grants as part of the utility’s Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Planning Grant program. The grants will support local efforts to prepare for climate-change risks such as wildfires, drought, sea level rise, flooding, and other events.

9th annual American Climate Leadership Summit (ACLS 2020)

The realities of climate change are being felt intensely in communities across the country, and the 2020 elections are poised to determine our fate. Advocacy is increasing, but opposition remains formidable. How can we make climate a winning issue in 2020, and make certain our leaders implement policies that ensure a healthy, just and prosperous future?

CivicSpark chosen as a finalist for the American Climate Leadership Awards

CivicSpark has been selected as one of the 10 finalists for the American Climate Leadership Awards! (ACLA) Out of an initial field of 300 applicants, and 34 semifinalists, CivicSpark has made the cut for the final round.