City of Cloverdale is the second utility to join BayREN’s new Water Upgrade $ave program

Written by the Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN)

On August 11, the Cloverdale City Council voted to join the Bay Area Regional Network’s (BayREN) Water Upgrades $ave program, becoming the second utility to enroll in the regional program. Water Upgrades $ave is a water efficiency program for Bay area residents in eligible water districts. This proven program helps eligible municipal water utilities to provide water efficiency improvements with little to no up-front cost, deliver immediate savings on utility bills, reduce water consumption to address current and future supply restrictions, and meet current and upcoming state codes. Cloverdale’s Council members cited that their main reasons for enrolling include a desire to quickly respond to current drought targets and provide citizens with an effective tool to reduce water use. 

Since enrolling in May as the program’s first utility, City of Sebastopol has completed 32 residential indoor projects that will reduce annual water use by 119,677 gallons. City of Sebastopol’s Vice Mayor Gurney shares that “the Water Upgrades $ave program will benefit local governments by buffering the impact of our rate increase, it will also help our local citizens by giving them an affordable tool to lower their water and energy use.”

In addition, the program is gearing up to offer outdoor and commercial food programs this fall and winter. Interested water utilities can contact Chris Cone, Program Manager at or (707) 413 – SAVE (7283). You can also find more information about the program here: