SoCalREN’s Workforce Education & Training Programs

The 12th Annual California Climate & Energy Forum took place from August 3-19, 2021. During these three weeks, climate and energy practitioners shared with us 60+ best practices and came together to discuss how to Transform Tomorrow Together. The best practice presented in this article was featured in Webinar 8, view the presentation slides and video recording to the right!

by Wendy Angel, Program Director, Emerald Cities Los Angeles

Did you know that SoCalREN offers a program dedicated to supporting contractors pursuing energy efficiency work? SoCalREN’s Workforce Development Program offers contractor development and capacity building for small, minority, and women business owners in the energy efficiency sector. Check out SoCalREN’s Workforce Development program offerings below:

E-Contractor Training Program The E-Contractor Academy Training Workshops are designed to prepare small contractors to compete and perform energy efficiency retrofit projects. Many contractors that participate in the training program go on to support SoCalREN projects.

The latest workshops featured in-depth training on Southern California Edison’s heat pump initiatives and Title 24, Part 6 (the Energy Code) of California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

Green Path Careers offers young adults who are transitioning from the foster care system to independent living access to training, education, industry certifications, and work experience in the energy efficiency industry. Program services include technical training and education and paid work experience with local energy efficiency companies.

The Architecture, Construction and Engineering Students (ACES) Pathway Program encourages high school students to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). Currently, six high schools participate in ACES, with nearly 400 students enrolled in the program. Participating students receive internship experience, college credit, and more!

You can read more about SoCalREN’s workforce development initiatives and opportunities on our website.